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Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up

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    Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up

    Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up - Free Mp3 Download with the free download of Youtube To MP3 Converter

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    Chris Brown
    Fortune (Deluxe Version) - Chris Brown
    Don't Wake Me Up

    Don't Wake Me Up - Lyrics

    Dearly beloved, if this love only exists in 
    my dreams...don't wake me up. 
    [Verse 1:]
    Too much light in this window, don't wake 
    me up
    Only coffee no sugar, inside my cup
    If I wake and you're here still, give me 
    a kiss
    I wasn't finished dreaming, about your lips
    Don't wake me up, up, up, up up, up [x3]
    Don't wake me up
    Don't wake me..
    Don't wake me up [x3]
    Don't wake me up, up, up, up, up, up
    Don't wake me up
    Don't wake me..
    [Verse 2:]
    So much life in the city, you won't 
    Been awake for some days now, no time 
    to sleep
    If your heart is a pillow, this love's 
    the bed
    Tell me what is the music, inside my head
    I don't wanna fall, fall, fall, fall 
    asleep no,
    I don't wanna fall unless I'm falling 
    for you

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